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Vaccine Acceptance: Journal of Health Communication

$21.9 Million Gene Modulation Research Efforts Targets Pandemic Flu

EVC Associate Director Quoted on the Potential of a Measles Endemic

EVC Researcher Find Antibiotics are more Resistant to Antibiotics 

Health Officials Worry about Rise in Measles 

EVC Faculty Elected President of American Association of Immunologists

On the Origins of B Cells

How Customizable antibiotic combinations could defeat 'superbubs'

Ebola from Bedside to Bench

Chronic Malaria shows distinctive host-parasite interactions and metabolic response

EVC Researcher in NYT Article

AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Continues to Break the Stigma around HIV/AIDS

Ebola Survivors are Protected From Infection Years After Illness

Measles Had Been Eliminated, Now It's Nearly a Daily Threat

National Academy of Inventors names Rafi Ahmed as Fellow

The Flu is Coming

Notable publication in Malaria Research

Virulence in "Iraqibacter": potential Achilles' heel?

Those We Lost to the AIDS Epidemic NYT Article

Four Geniuses, Gone to AIDS NYT Article

Emory Vaccine Center Faculty Won Paper of the Year by the International Society for Vaccines

Bacteria Resistant to Last-Resort Antibiotic Missed by Standard Tests

Max Cooper, MD is Learning from Lampreys

2018 Japan Prize is awarded to Emory immunologist Max Cooper

Emory Vaccine Center Researchers Find Clues to AIDS resistance in Sooty Mangabey Monkeys

Emory Vaccine Center Associate Director is elected AAAS 2017 Fellow

Vaccinations Save Lives

Cancer Research Institute honors Rafi Ahmed with William B. Coley Award

Zika Virus Blindfolds Immune Alarm Cells

Frog Slime Kills Flu Virus

NIH Study to Examine Effects of Zika Infection in Guatemalan Infants and Children

Chikungunya Vaccine Trial Begins at Emory School of Medicine

AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Raises Hope for the Future of Vaccine Research

AV200 Bicycle Ride to Benefit AIDS Vaccine Research for 15th Year

Vaccines Save Lives, but Maintaining Widespread Coverage is Essential

Emory Vaccine Center joins NIH clinical trial of investigational Zika vaccine

Microneedle Patches for Flu Vaccination has Success in First Human Trial

Dr. Max Cooper Inducted into French Academy of Science Institut de France

Dr. Max Cooper Named Foreign Member of Royal Society

Emory Vaccine Center Director Will Receive Robert Koch Award