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Vaccine policy and epidemiology are important components of the Emory Vaccine Center’s mission. Dr. Walter Orenstein, Associate Director and former Director of the CDC’s National Immunization Program, established the vaccine policy group at the EVC to investigate new strategies for more effective use of present vaccines, especially for critical groups such as school age children, young adults, under-represented populations, and health care workers. Our policy development group consists of an interdisciplinary team that includes Dr. Saad Omer, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Emory’s School of Public Health, and scientists at the CDC and other health service providers to solve global problems related to vaccine development, immunization policy, and health services immunization practices.

Recent projects involve the conduct of vaccine trials and large-scale surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases – including trials of maternal influenza immunization, pneumococcal, polio, and measles vaccines in addition to studies to evaluate the roles of schools, parents, health care providers, and state-level legislation in relation to immunization coverage and disease incidence. Other activities include policy analysis on pandemic influenza preparedness, studies on immunizations systems and emergency preparedness, and a study to evaluate Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of health care providers in India regarding routine immunization and polio-related supplementary immunization activities.