Non Human Primate Genomics Core

The mission of the Yerkes Non Human Primate Genomics Core (GenCore) is to provide researchers at the YNPRC, EVC and greater Emory community with access to cutting edge high throughput genomic technologies including NextGen sequencing and microarray. The GenCore laboratory features an Illumina HiSeq1000 System and an Affymetrix 3000 Gene Chip Scanner, automated sample preparation, and Agilent Bioanalyzer. The core offers a diverse set of assays, including NextGen sequencing applications: RNAseq, targeted resequencing, ChipSeq and miRNA sequencing. The GenCore staff consists of two full time technician and one full time bioinformaticists and provides researchers with ‘start-to-finish’ service, assisting in assay design, sample preparation, quality assessment, data analysis and bioinformatics support. Ongoing projects in the GenCore laboratory include gene expression profiling of several pre-clinical HIV vaccine candidates, sequencing of primate malaria species and the genome sequencing of the sooty mangabey monkey species.

For more information please contact:


Dr. Zach Johson

Dr. Steven Bosinger

GenCore Location

Rm MC1122
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
954 Gatewood Rd
Atlanta, GA