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Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine appears safe, shows signs of workign in older adults: study 

Characterization of neutralizing versus binding antibodies and memory B cells in COVID-19 2 recovered individuals from India

Could a Mask be a Crude Vaccine? (NYT)

Genomics Core Will Help Predict COVID-19 Severity

Why Flu Vaccines Don't Protect People for Long

Phase 3 COVID-19 Clinical Trial Launch

Science-Influenza vaccine–induced human bone marrow plasma cells decline within a year after vaccination

Genomics Research Will Help Predict COVID-19 Disease Severity, Inform Treatment Decisions

COVID-19 vaccine tested at Emory is safe, generates immune response, early results show

An mRNA Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 Promising Preliminary Results 

Vaccine additives can enhance immune flexibility, with implications for flu and SARS-CoV-2

Defining CD8+ T Cells that Provide the Proliferative Burst after PD-1 Therapy (Rafi Ahmed + others)

Harnessing Stem Cell-Like T Cells to Fight Cancer Better (Rafi Ahmed + others)

HIV pre-exposure drug regimen tested at Emory highly effective in preventing infection, study says

CNN Interviews Carlos del Rio, MD Re: Spike in COVID-19 Cases 

CNN Interviews Carlos del Rio, MD Re: Georgia Summer Camp COVID-19 Cases

Carlos del Rio Interviewed Re: Early Positive COVID-19 Vaccine Results (CNBC)

Carlos del Rio and John Lewin on Fox News Re: Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Emory Researchers Find T Cell Responses Key for Controlling Asymptomatic TB

The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine Featuring Nadine Rouphael, MD

New Adjuvent Successful in Extending Immunity Against HIV

Comprehensive List of Emory University COVID-19 Work

Dr. Marconi Quoted Re: Eli Lilly Study Launch for COVID-19

Herd Immunity (Associated Press) EVC Faculty Quoted

Shutting down may have prevented 60 million infections (Carlos del Rio on CNN)

T cell-inducing vaccine durably prevents mucosal SHIV infection (Nature Article) 

COVID-19 Death Count Predictions EVC Faculty Quoted (ABC News)

NIAID Grant to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine 

EVC in the AJC

Moderna Update CNN Featuring Dr. Carlos del Rio

Dr. Wrammert & Dr. Suthar COVID-19 Work in 11 Alive News

Combimation Treatment for COVID-19 Patients-Dr. Marconi quoted

Inflammation in Severe COVID-19 CNN

Antibody Response in Acute COVID Patients-FOX 5

Types of COVID-19 Tests & What They Tell Us

Antibody Study and COVID-19 Immunity

NBC News Featuring Mehul Suthar and COVID-19 Immunity

HIV Vaccine Advancement 

Chasing a COVID-19 Cure

Dr. Carlos del Rio on how this pandemic was never "like the flu"

Dr. Aneeth Mehta-Combining two drugs for COVID-19 Patients

A Glimmer of Hope with Dr. Aneesh Mehta (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Vaccine by Fall? 

What to know about potential COVID-19 vaccines 

Immunotherapy Combo Achieves Reservoir Shrinkage in HIV Model

Our public health experts weigh in on opening states back up

In animal models, a 'shocking' step toward a potential HIV cure

New HIV Vaccine Combination Strategy Provides Better and More Durable Protection

Emory, Lilly, NIAID join academic centers in clinical trial to demonstrate efficacy of remdesivir and baricitinib against COVID-19

What to know about Remdisivir

Clinical Trial Participants are Helping to Find Solutions

COVID-19 Predictions

Clinical Trials Underway NBC News

Newly Launched Study on COVID-19 Immune Response

EVC Helps Lead remdesivir Study 

New COVID-19 Data Showing First Cases in GA in January

What COVID-19 Testing Can and Can't Tell Us

Blood Clotting Factor in COVID-19 Patients

New Funding to Better Understand COVID-19 at EVC

Dr. Carlos del Rio on CNN- COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Update

Dr. Carlos del Rio Gives Update on Georgia COVID-19 Rates (April 24th)

MIT Enterprise Forum Video on COVID-19 with Dr. Rama Amara

New COVID-19 Testing at Emory Hospital

Testing Arthritis Medication Against COVID-19

Emory Vaccine Center Develops Diagnostic Antibody Blood Test to Determine Antibody-Responses to COVID-19

ATL Residents Volunteer in COVID Vaccine Clinical Trial

Dr. Mehta Addresses Take-Out Food Safety During COVID-19

One COVID-19 Study is Full

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

How Georgia Research Alliance is Responding to COVID-19

Emory's Free Online Took to Assess COVID-19 Risk

Hawks Support Healthcare Workers

Emory and GA Tech Team Up to Create Facial Shields

More on COVID-19 Clinical Trial at Emory

More Than Just New York (COVID-19)

Emory Clinical Trial for COVID-19

Emory Vaccine Center Receives Deal of the Year Award

Emory Vaccine Center is leading a national infectious disease vaccine effort

Vaccine prevents deadly meningitis B in infants

Carlos del Rio named foreign secretary of the National Academy of Medicine

New TB Study

Clues for Cancer Immunology

EVC HIV Digital Story: An Update in HIV Research

How Churches Fight HIV Stigma

STDs Resurge in the United States

Creating Viral Targets can Weaken HIV Vaccination

Babies may not be protected by mom's measles immunity as long as thought

3 New Measles Cases in Atlanta (Cobb County)

Vaccines don't save lives. Vaccinations save lives. 

Clinically Silent Relapsing Malaria May Still Pose a Threat

Cell's Interview with Max Cooper

How Max Cooper May Have Saved Your Life

Our Faculty Fight Superbugs Too

Purpose Behind Kids Immunization Schedule

Rafi Ahmed: Awareded 2019 Distinguished Researcher in Biomedical Sciences

A Resurgence of Polio...Experts Weigh In

Dr. Hilleman's Video: A Perilous Quest to Save the World's Children

8 New Cases of Measles in United States

Ebola Research Continues to lead to Breakthroughs

New HIV Vaccine Being Tested in Thousands of Patients

Emory Ranks Among the Top in Vaccination Expertise Worldwide

New England Journal of Medicine-Measles 

B Cells Off the Rails Early in Lupus

Lupus Research Alliance Awareded Dr. Sanz with Lupus Insight Prize

Vaccine Acceptance: Journal of Health Communication

$21.9 Million Gene Modulation Research Efforts Targets Pandemic Flu

EVC Associate Director Quoted on the Potential of a Measles Endemic

EVC Researcher Find Antibiotics are more Resistant to Antibiotics 

Health Officials Worry about Rise in Measles 

EVC Faculty Elected President of American Association of Immunologists

On the Origins of B Cells

How Customizable antibiotic combinations could defeat 'superbubs'

Ebola from Bedside to Bench

Chronic Malaria shows distinctive host-parasite interactions and metabolic response

EVC Researcher in NYT Article

AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Continues to Break the Stigma around HIV/AIDS

Ebola Survivors are Protected From Infection Years After Illness

Measles Had Been Eliminated, Now It's Nearly a Daily Threat

National Academy of Inventors names Rafi Ahmed as Fellow

The Flu is Coming

Notable publication in Malaria Research

Virulence in "Iraqibacter": potential Achilles' heel?

Those We Lost to the AIDS Epidemic NYT Article

Four Geniuses, Gone to AIDS NYT Article

Emory Vaccine Center Faculty Won Paper of the Year by the International Society for Vaccines

Bacteria Resistant to Last-Resort Antibiotic Missed by Standard Tests

Max Cooper, MD is Learning from Lampreys

2018 Japan Prize is awarded to Emory immunologist Max Cooper

Emory Vaccine Center Researchers Find Clues to AIDS resistance in Sooty Mangabey Monkeys

Emory Vaccine Center Associate Director is elected AAAS 2017 Fellow

Vaccinations Save Lives

Cancer Research Institute honors Rafi Ahmed with William B. Coley Award

Zika Virus Blindfolds Immune Alarm Cells

Frog Slime Kills Flu Virus

NIH Study to Examine Effects of Zika Infection in Guatemalan Infants and Children

Chikungunya Vaccine Trial Begins at Emory School of Medicine

AIDS Vaccine 200 Mile Bike Ride Raises Hope for the Future of Vaccine Research

AV200 Bicycle Ride to Benefit AIDS Vaccine Research for 15th Year

Vaccines Save Lives, but Maintaining Widespread Coverage is Essential

Emory Vaccine Center joins NIH clinical trial of investigational Zika vaccine

Microneedle Patches for Flu Vaccination has Success in First Human Trial

Dr. Max Cooper Inducted into French Academy of Science Institut de France

Dr. Max Cooper Named Foreign Member of Royal Society

Emory Vaccine Center Director Will Receive Robert Koch Award