Millions of people worldwide are still plagued by today's diseases which have proven to be incredibly difficult to restrain. The Emory Vaccine Center is committed to fight against these modern killers with the power of one of the largest centers ever created to forge new vaccine strategies. Our team consists of over 100 scientists working to make some of the world's most challenging health problems --AIDS, influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, and others --a thing of the past.

We take our mission, “Where Science Meets Hope” very seriously and invite you to help us. There is hope for the future and we need you to be part of it.

Your involvement will assure that our team is able to continue this important work. Currently, we have ongoing opportunities for volunteers.

The Hope Clinic: Researchers at the Emory Vaccine Center’s Hope Clinic are seeking healthy volunteers for various human studies. The largest, LifeForward, is an investigational vaccine being tested across the country for the prevention of HIV. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the safety of the vaccine and to assess the vaccine’s ability to stimulate immune responses against HIV in immunized volunteers.

Action Cycling Atlanta: organizes an annual bike ride to benefit the Emory Vaccine Center, the AIDS VACCINE 200 mile bike ride (AV200). Taking place in May each year, the ride needs riders, fundraisers, sponsors and volunteers to make this fun and worthwhile two-day 200 mile event a success. In less than ten years, Action Cycling has raised over one million dollars for HIV vaccine research.

Charity Treks Inc: organizes a challenging five-day bike trek across New England each August. Every dollar raised by riders supports both the Emory Vaccine Center and UCLA AIDS Institute.