Clinical Core Activities and Translational Studies

The Hope Clinic serves as the Clinical Core for: the Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR); Rafi Ahmed’s Center for Human Immunology NIH U19 award; Bali Pulendran’s NIH U19 on innate immunity and its role in vaccine immnosenescence; and as the Clinical Core for Harriet Robinson, PhD’s NIH-sponsored Integrated Preclinical and Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development (IPCAVD) award. The CFAR Clinical Core, under the leadership of its CoPIs—Drs. Lennox and Mulligan—and in collaboration with CoInvestigator Dr. Wendy Armstrong, have developed an HIV/AIDS clinical research database with linked specimen repository. Over 110 HIV-infected and uninfected participants have been enrolled in the HIV specimen repository project, and a number of Emory investigators are utilizing the repository and specimen processing capabilities of the Core based at the Hope Clinic. A new NIH grant submitted with Drs. Prausnitz and Compans to evaluate microneedle influenza vaccine strategies has scored well and will likely be funded this year.