Vaccine policy and epidemiology are important components of the Emory Vaccine Center's mission. Dr. Walter Orenstein, Associate Director and former Director of the CDC's National Immunization Program, established the vaccine policy group at the EVC to investigate new strategies for more effective use of present vaccines, especially for critical groups such as school age children, young adults, under-represented populations, and health care workers. Our policy development group consists of an interdisciplinary team that includes Dr. Saad Omer, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Emory's School of Public Health, and scientists at the CDC and other health service providers to solve global problems related to vaccine development, immunization policy, and health services immunization practices.

Vaccine Acceptance

Two Emory Vaccine Center faculty conduct research to better understand vaccine acceptance and vaccine hesitancy. This work is crucial to vaccine policy and disease prevention because "vaccines don't save lives vaccinations do." -Dr. Walt Orenstein

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Global Vaccine Action Plan

The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) 2011-2020 was created to reduce the global health burden through improved use of existing vaccines and development of new and better vaccines to prevent greater infectious disease problems.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Working Groups

The Emory Vaccine Center Associate Director contributes to two World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization working groups.

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National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

The Emory Vaccine Center's Associate Director Dr. Walt Orenstein is the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases President.

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HIstory of vaccines