Learn How the mRNA Vaccine Works

From the Vaccine Education Center of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

Animation created by and for the Vaccine Makers Project. Copyright © 2021, Medical History Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Vaccine Makers Project (VMP) is the classroom-based program of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia vaccine.chop.edu and on COVIDVaccineAnswers.org.

We are excited to share our newest resource – an animation that describes how the mRNA vaccine works!

As viewers watch from inside the cell, they see the release of mRNA from vaccine microcapsules, spike protein production, and cellular processing of the spike protein before traveling with an activated dendritic cell to a nearby lymph node to witness T and B cell activation. As activated B cells produce antibodies, viewers watch the antibodies interfere with viral attachment before being reminded that this process protects them during future encounters with the virus.