World Health Organization (WHO) Working Groups

The Emory Vaccine Center Associate Director contributes to two World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization working groups. The Polio Working group makes recommendations for what steps are needed to achieve polio eradication and sustain that eradication.  This includes deliberations on which vaccine type should be used under which situations, how outbreaks should be contained, duration of vaccination post successful certification of eradication, as well as other policy areas related to the polio eradication effort.  These recommendations play a major role in establishing individual country immunization policy across the globe. The second working group focuses on Measles and Rubella.  This team concentrates on recommending measles and rubella vaccine schedules, catch-up campaigns for persons missed by routine immunization programs, immunity level targets to achieve herd immunity, and other issues involved in achieving and sustaining achievement of regional and national measles and rubella elimination and control goals. 
Emory Vaccine Center Faculty Involved:
Dr. Walt Orenstein
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